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Galuh tea is an Indonesian black premium tea brand. The meaning “Galuh” is derived from ancient kingdom of Galuh ruled in 7th century, which is now well known as West Java province. The other meaning of “Galuh” in Javanese is diamond or gemstone. We made our Galuh tea as the tea that is served for a royal family and nobles. Galuh Tea’s brand tradition portrays a symbol of nobility and perfection with a touch of elegance and originality.

The tea leaves are well-grown in the rainforest certified tea farm located in the mountains of West Java. In the harvesting process, The Galuh Team harvests only the best selection of the tea tip. All tea leaf selections are traditionally processed without using any mix stem, flavoring and chemicals. Galuh Tea uses only natural ingredients to keep the balance and essence of the Indonesian tea. What makes Galuh Tea special as a premium tea is because we understand the exclusiveness of Indonesia culture and tradition in drinking tea.

Our Premium Black Tea
What customer says about us
  • Ms. Tiffany Rose
    Professional Make Up Artist
    "Full-bodied tea, different from any other tea"
  • Mr. Ivander Tjandra
    Media Producer
    "Exquisite taste"
  • Mr Alifh
    Harris Hotel Malang F&B Manager
    "Great heritage tea that we all can love."
  • Mrs. Dinda Tanny
    Wedding Fashion Designer
    "Great heritage tea that we all can love."
  • Mr. Wilmendy Aditya
    Art Director
    "Has a natural sweet taste, without sugar. Not bitter like any other tea."
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