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    Choosing quality tea is not an easy job. So many tea brands on the market from different kinds of tea leaves, priced at different prices. Don't worry, according to Charlene, second-generation successor to Yixing Xuan's Tea House at Singapore, there is actually a way to differentiate quality tea.

"First try to see the dry tea leaves. For example, there are three or several shoots sticky leaves mean they're great tea leaves"

says CharleneSource Title

Because according to Charlene, the tea leaves that stick together can only be taken by process hand picking not by machine. Of course, the sorting immediately by hand is more observant and painstaking compared to machines.

"Then look at the dried tea leaves. Is there a broken one? If it's broken that means that poorly processed and stored, "said Charlene. Charlene also recommends looking at the color of the tea leaves. "For white tea (white tea) the color should be white, green tea (green tea) then the color starts to green. Meanwhile, oolong tea, the color is a blend of green and white. If everything is black, then that is it "This means that the tea has been stored for a long time and is not fresh"

said CharleneSource Title

Finally, quality tea can also be known from its fragrance. “If it doesn't smell too good means tea has been a long time, "said Charlene. Not to forget Charlene advises you tea lovers not to buy tea in quantity many, because it began to make the tea not fresh due to long storage. Way tea storage must also be considered, namely in an airtight, non-penetrating place light, and should not be near the sun



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